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OMFC Presents - Guild Ball Team Tournament
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Author:  Jhokalups [ Wed Jun 21, 2017 11:41 pm ]
Post subject:  OMFC Presents - Guild Ball Team Tournament

Guild Ball Team Tournament
The Guild Ball Team Tournament is the first team event to be hosted in Oregon for Guildball. Players will register in teams of three to compete for prizes and bragging rights. Gather your team, choose your captain and sign up for the Guild Ball Team Tournament!
Each team will register with 3 members: Captain, Veteran, and Rookie. The captain will take on the administration for the team; getting the team registered, making sure sheets are filled out, turning in sheets, etc.

For this event we are limited to having 6 teams.

Day of Details:
Registration Starts at 10 am. We will start round 1 at 11 am.
$10 entry per player / $30 per team

Team Composition Details:
Each player on a team will select a guild and submit a roster of 10 models following the regional cup guidelines; (1-2) Captains, (1-2) Mascots, and filling the rest with players that will work for their selected guild. A player who does not select Union as their guild can only bring 1 union model that will work for their guild.
Each Captain will have a one-time ‘Legendary Play’ to switch the match-ups. For example, the captain could choose to play the opposing rookie. The captain must clearly mark on their record sheet when they use their ‘Legendary Play’.
Each player will play their game individually and follow the Match Roster selection of the Regional Cup Format, and the Tournament Pre-Match Sequence (pg. 8). After both players have selected a captain and mascot, they will roll to determine kicking and receiving player, then proceed to alternatively select the remaining four models, per regional cup format (pg. 5. At the end of the match, each player will record the match result and final score on their record sheet and give it to the captain who will submit the packet to the event organizer (EO).

Event Length:
Event length is determined by the number of teams. For 4 teams, the event will be a three round, Round Robin style event, where each team will play each other team. For 5 teams, it will be a four round, Round robin event with a Bye team. For 6 teams, a swiss style event with teams matched against teams with similar rank each round.

The winning team will receive a set of three gift cards to the venue, as well as a goal marker coin and trophy. The team with the worst soccer performance of the day will receive a special commemorative goal marker. There will be a blind vote for best painted team. The painting competition is to be entered individually. The winner of this vote will receive a gift card to the venue and the admiration of their peers.

Author:  Jhokalups [ Wed Jun 21, 2017 11:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: OMFC Presents - Guild Ball Team Tournament

Reserved for team Registration.

Author:  Jhokalups [ Wed Jun 21, 2017 11:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: OMFC Presents - Guild Ball Team Tournament

Reserved for after action report.

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