Perfect Imbalance 19: Reckoning of Swans

Talk about what's happening in the Iron Kingdoms
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Perfect Imbalance 19: Reckoning of Swans

Post by skornedruid » Mon Jun 29, 2015 5:12 am

Welcome to Perfect Imbalance episode 19!

Oh man, have we got a bag filled with Dirty Swans for you this week, folks. Sure, we talk about Zerkova2, Kromac2, Durst and other Reckoning releases but, really, this Episode is all about the ways Cygnar is going to make the meta peeved until the next book comes out.

Jeremy and Tim bring you the second worst episode of the nation's second worst podcast and have kidnapped "Way of the Swan's" Trevor Attridge at knife-point to do so. Joining us by phone, holed up in a most secret location until we let him out, Trevor explains Cygnar's newest crap in layman's terms even your mom will understand.

Listen folks, you ain't heard anything like this before done by podcasters this damn good looking since your grandma fantasized about Paul Harvey.

Do we get to "This Week In The Iron Kingdoms?" You bet your ass we do.

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Time Markers
6:55 Anson Durst

10:00 Zerkova 2
12:00 Colossals
15:50 Cygnar Reckoning Models
18:00 Trench Buster
22:40 Haley3
26:40 Haley3 Dojo
42:25 Changing the Cygnar Meta
49:50 H3 Jack Caster?
52:20 Ace
53:55 Kromac2
59:00 Five Questions with Trevor Attridge

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