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Skorne Praetorian Keltarii, or other Infantry Suggestions?

Posted: Sat Aug 06, 2016 8:27 pm
by paxmiles
So, hey, I'm getting into this game again. My Legion are shelved for the moment, and I'm starting up Skorne. My Warlock is Mordikaar 1, with my backup being Xerxis 1. Since Mordikaar's feat improves Def, my primary focus in model selection has been Skorne models with High Defense Stats. Xerxis has a spell that also improves Defense, plus he improves Armor via his feat. So the general idea is to build a Mordikaar list, which can swap in Xerxis 1 if I need to throw off my opponent's tactics, since Xerxis 1 is so very much the opposite of Mordikaar in terms of play style.

Presently, my little force includes:
Mordikaar -OR- Xerxis 1 (I also have Xekaar 1, but I don't really like him)
Cyclops Brute
Cyclops Raider
Drake Krea
Void Spirit

Total is 50pts. With Mordikaar having +29 warbeast points and Xerxis 1 having +28 warbeast points, I'm left with 31 or 32 total points in terms of list strength. The GG monday league is doing 75pts, so my target is there, leaving me with 43-44pts of other models to acquire. Both Mordikaar and Xerxis 1 work well with infantry units, so looking at those.

Longwinded preface, but what do you think about Keltarii?
The appeal to me is that they have high Def stats, being 15 Def against ranged attacks. Those Scarab Packs are also appealing, but I'd need Zaadesh and Beast Handlers just to manage all the extra fury. As is, I feel my Warlock is pushing their limits with just those Warbeasts.