Master's League III: Return of the King (Winter 2020)

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Master's League III: Return of the King (Winter 2020)

Post by Ben » Mon Dec 09, 2019 12:54 am

new content for this league:
**NO need to sign up on this post, submitting payment and registering on conflict chamber is sufficient.**
Weekly scheduled matches are back with fixed scenarios. This was done to help match completion. Scheduled weeks can still be played in any order/frequency
An easy online self reporting form will be made available to track player matches. No more reporting to Ben.
Prizes are being reworked. There will now be weekly prizes, providing players incentives to complete the league regardless of record

Master's League with $10 entry fee. Please pay me directly, cash or PayPal: (send friends and family). 75 point. SR 19 scenarios. No DNC (2 lists are not required). No sideboard.

Starting Wednesday, 1/8/20 Cog Collective will be running the semiannual Master's League. The pod round length will be determined on participation, if an extension occurs it will be communicated appropriately. Subsequent rounds will be resolved on a weekly basis.

Players are permitted to schedule matches with one another at any agreed upon location.

Upon finalization of participant list, players will be sorted into pods. A match schedule will be determined and provided where each member of a pod will play each other member. Participants will be responsible for completing all their schedules matches before the deadline that will be provided. The top player and the second highest player from each pod will then be randomly seeded into a 6 seed bracket single bracket tournament.

$40 to league winner. $20 to runner up. Three $20 weekly bonus prizes.

REGISTRATION: Please submit your lists via conflict chamber:


Pod 1

Pod 2

Pod 3

Match ups

Week 1 (King of the Hill): Ben vs Danny / James vs Geoff - Michael vs Jake / Perry vs Bobby - Andrew vs Billy / Harry vs JC. Week 1 bonus - player with the most cumulative CP/ADP
Week 2 (Bunkers): Ben vs James / Danny vs Geoff - Michael vs Perry / Jake vs Bobby - Andrew vs Harry / JC vs Billy Week 2 bonus - player who wins with the least CP / ADP
Week 3 (Spread the Net): Ben vs Geoff / Danny vs James - Michael vs Bobby / Jake vs Perry - Andrew vs JC / Billy vs Harry Week 3 bonus - player who wins whose points had the most CP / ADP
Week 4 (Invasion) : 3 pod winners and the second highest performing player from each pod will be randomly reseeded into a 6 player single elimination bracket.
Week 5 (Anarchy)/ Week 6 (Recon II): The three undefeated players will play a round robin to determine 1st and 2nd place.
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Re: Master's League III: Return of the King (Winter 2020)

Post by Wintermute » Mon Dec 09, 2019 1:26 am

I am interested

-Perry B

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